Welcome to Zinc Innovation Shout December

It's no secret that throughout 2023 we saw an increase in the use of AI. So, here's the yearly wrap up that includes some of our favourite articles in the innovation space in case you missed it.

Adobe Announces All New AI-Powered Creative Cloud Release

Adobe unveiled an all-new, AI-powered Creative Cloud release with the commercial availability of its generative AI capabilities natively integrated throughout Adobe Creative Cloud in apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. Adobe also unveiled Adobe Express Premium and the new Adobe Firefly web application...more

The Internet’s Creative Director.

Instagram famous Oren John — has used his platform to create content honing in on all things marketing, branding, design, products and the rest. Find the link to his instagram here where he explains a lot of useful tips and trends in our space.

Wastecare: Industrial waste — certified as skincare.

At AIZOME, we believe that textiles should not just be harmless, but even good. For those who make them and those who wear them. That’s why, we developed an original dyeing method, AIZOME ULTRA™. Instead of toxic chemicals, we use only plants, water, and ultrasound. The result: textiles with health benefits...more

“Illuminate your mind.” How newkid created the brand for Sol, the first immersive digital reader

Despite the many technical and digital innovations that are constantly brought into the world, the state of reading has largely stayed the same. Amazon’s Kindle and audiobooks have become popular options, but the trusted printed book continues to dominate. The printing press solved the issue of scale. And the Kindle was created to improve the experience of digital reading...more

This Jacquemus X Nike Concept shows what's possible with AI Generated Design.

Marco Simonetti is one such individual, as he’s produced several JACQUEMUS x Nike concepts that certainly deserve a life beyond the digital screen... more

That's a wrap for 2023. If you'd like to look at this years 2023 Innovation Shouts please head to zincgroup.com/News. Thank you for the attention. See you next month for a new version of the Innovation Shout. Happy innovating! 

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