Our History

While Zinc as a brand was founded in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia, a significant element of Zinc’s history as a marketing business dates back more than 45 years to Solingen, Germany. 

mcs promotion GmbH, a proud and historical German business with a pedigree in promotional marketing, was established in 1975 and had been helping clients promote brands for over 45 years. Both Zinc and mcs promotion were founded with a simple enduring philosophy – finding a better way to do business in an open environment producing the best outcomes for clients.

This shared philosophical approach to doing business saw an official merger between Zinc and mcs promotion in 2020, following nearly two decades of successful collaboration. With a collective focus we have grown year-on-year and today we are a global network, servicing local and multinational clients globally.

From our beginnings in promotional marketing, we continue to evolve and enhance the marketing services we deliver to our clients, with a perpetual focus on finding better ways to do business by challenging expectations.


Our Values

We're naturally ...curious

We’re a curious lot. We’ve learned that great answers come from asking the right questions. That unearthing knowledge is a rewarding challenge, not a chore. That to stand apart you’ve got to shake things up.

We and share

Business is about creating value and sharing it fairly. We live to create; ideas, rewards, time, stories, effort, life! You share, collaborate, question, learn and guess what? We all have more than we had before. We share it all because we know that leads to great things and a better way, and understand that for us to win others don’t have to lose.

We're ALL in

Half measures? Never heard of them. We’re passionate, proactive and pumped – about delivering for clients, helping out a team mate or rolling up our sleeves to make a difference. We believe success should be shared and teamwork is the answer.

We'll have some SERIOUS 

We love what we do and do what we love. We’re the same people at work as we are on the weekend, and we work just as hard at having good times as we do at doing a great job.

We slp well at night

We’re not just good at what we do, we go about it the right way. Transparency and integrity are at the core of what we do - good karma means we work calmer. Our day ends when we’ve delivered on our promises to others and to ourselves, not when the clock says so. And that means we sleep well at night.

International Affiliations

About Prominate

Prominate is a global joint venture company boasting over 2,100 promotional material experts globally. We have extensive experience and a successful track record of developing and delivering global promotional material solutions to large multinational organisations worldwide.


The International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts (IPPAG) consists of leading promotional item distributors and wholesalers worldwide. IPPAG's mission is to align and streamline the promotional industry by creating synergies, resource sharing and developing long-term sustainability initiatives.