We need you!

When mcs looks for new colleagues, we focus rather on talent and potential than on formal qualifications and career steps. We value personality, team spirit, curiosity and the passion to do a good job. In exchange we provide an environment in which working is good fun.

Our career changers

You cannot study for a job as consultant for promotional materials at university, but still you can learn it. Preconditions are a passion for good products, sensitivity and strong communicational skills. A good general education does not hurt and neither does experience from other employers and industries – most wanted is everything that helps to quickly react to the customers’ wishes.

junior project manager

Out of uni and into the strategy discussion

Marvin Wolter
Position: junior project manager

Marvin Wolter juggles a dual burden: two days a week he studies for his degree as bachelor of business administration and three days he works at mcs. There, as a junior project manager he looks after the print media for the client Siemens. In close co-operation with business executive and project manager Roland Weigelt he produces reports, analytics and watches over invoicing. Marvin is constantly trying to optimise processes.

He takes part in the company‘s strategy discussion as naturally as anyone else at mcs who wants to contribute. »Every single day I learn something new, which is the perfect addition to the theory taught at university. The way mcs ticks allows me to become part of all kinds of change projects and to develop my skills as much as the company‘s.« He loves his job so much that he would rather leave uni altogether to work full time at mcs.

»I did an internship at Deutsche Telekom and know about the advantages and disadvantages of large corporations. Currently I find it easier to identify with mcs‘ culture: agile, flexible, fast.«

key account manager

From sourcing for specs to trend-scouting for Siemens

Anja Freiberger
Position: key account manager

What have a sourcing business for branded spectacles and a technology company in common? They both fit into the CV of our key account manager Anja. After three years with mcs, Anja is now responsible for Siemens‘ merchandising project and team. But one could as well say that Anja is the leading trend scout for Siemens, since she is always on the lookout for interesting product innovations for her customer.

Her well trained eye for brands, fashion and trends helps. Anja developed it early on in her career as wholesale trade merchant at Nigura Metzler Optik, where she sourced the latest spectacles for brands such as Aigner and Marco Polo. Before joining mcs Anja already worked for a mechandising wholesaler, selling tools and pocket knives as account manager. She then studied marketing and communications. After her degree she started at mcs as a product manager.

After one year on board she took over the responsibility for Siemens and nowadays she is mcs‘ face for this customer. Anja loves her job at mcs because she can »work freely and develop ideas«, as she puts it herself. Also mcs is a place where women are taken seriously. mcs is gender blind, she says, »here count performance, engagement and personality – and that is great fun.«

web content manager

From carburettor to the internet

Sandro Romano
Position: web content manager

Sandro Romano is a petrol head and started his working life as an apprentice mechanic with Ferrari. »To get to work in the mornings to find 30 red racers, that‘s not bad«, he says. When he comes to the office today, he also finds high tech, but rather high performance computers than racing cars.

As web content manager he is responsible for more than 15 online shops. These are the platforms where large corporate customers can order and organise their promotional material online. »Before, large parts of the IT were run by external providers, but now we’d rather have everything in house.«

Before mcs, he worked for leading IT wholesalers such as Siewert & Kau, where he discovered his talent for sales. He also moonlighted to create websites for friends. A friend with a background in advertising realised that Sandro was not only a great technician, but also a salesman. So he suggested founding an advertising agency, where Sando took on the business side and production.

Then in 2012 he was tempted to combine all his talents and to create the web-shop department for mcs. He is still convinced by the whole »mcs package«, as he calls it. »The variety of tasks, the corporate culture, the ability to work entirely self-driven.« Sometimes he misses the sniff of petrol. »But that‘s not a problem, I now own a BMW racer – and ever so often I go racing on the Nürburgring.«