Berliners love biros and Romans t-shirts

Four out of ten Berliners have a writing utensil and a t-shirt with a company logo in their house and every third inhabitant of the metropolis owns a bag with the brand label of a corporation. Compared to the UK or Australia that is nothing: in London or Sydney every second household owns branded writing utensils. But the Italians lead in the worldwide competition for who has the most promotional material when it comes to textiles: 53 per cent of surveyed Romans have a shirt with a company brand in their wardrobe. Worldwide, though, more men than women wear promo-shirts – but never mind, women have more biros and fountain pens with a logo at their desks than men. On average, promotional goods are kept for about 7 months, only calendars last longer – which makes sense, the year has 12 months, after all. Still, nobody knows why of all people in the world it is the citizens of Montreal who hang up the most promotional calendars.

Source: Global Advertising Specialities Impressions Study V4